Creative & Artistic Photography

Photo Gallery:

Photography is an amazing form of expression, a way of representing vast and detailed at the same. Unfortunately the high cost and the time required, made impossible for me to grow up my passion outside academic environment. These are some shots performed in order to pass the exams of photography.

Among the many, I chose these to show more different kind of styles, not only technical as color, light, shade or tonality, but also according to the meanings like irony, melancholy, surrealism, etc...

Art is not life, nor a reproduction of life, but a representation carried out within the specific terms, conversions and limitations of the particular art used. hence absolute truth, with reference to objective fact, is not to be found in the business. the most realistic art is considerablely removed from reality.
Art does not give real things or imitations of real things. the thing that art gives is strained first through the artist's selections and judgments, and then through the specific techniques with he used to present them. if you want enjoy art, you must first accept its terms.