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Logotypes and Branding Design

A logo doesn't sell, it identifies. A logo derives its meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around. A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it means is more important than what it looks like.

Paul Rand

Non profit associations

ludo graphic design


ludo graphic design

"El Soto"

V.a.e.s. is a student association of veterinary madrid, specializing in exotic animals. Under their request and I 'was asked to create a logo which could To be an acknowledged the different species of animals Marine mammals, reptiles, ferocious animals, birds of prey.
V.A.E.S. - "Brand Manual"

The "El Soto" Island is located between the river Tormes in municipalities of Santa Marta de Tormes and Cabrerizos, in the province of Salamanca, recently become a protected small park and location for bird watching. I was in charge of the creation of the logo, as the official symbol.
Isla el Soto - "Brand Manual"

Academic Projects

ludo graphic design

PoP watches

ludo graphic design

Wave 20

The following brands are school projects that I presented in my Project Workshop Class at the Academy of Art in Salamanca:

Pop is a hypothetical brand of watches inspired by pop and youth culture denoted by variety of colors and versatility, honestly I am aware that the design of the brand is simple and not particulary creative, but the objective of this scholastic exercise was to create a complete and well designed "Brand Manual", I consider that so I am proud of the the result That I have achieved with the decription of the Brand's Aplications, and that's why I included it in my portfolio.
PoP watches - "Brand Manual"

Wave 20 is a Rock music Radio, I think this example instead shows the functionality of the Brand and a good execution of the "Briefing".
Wave 20 - "Brand Manual"

Commercial Brands





Mercalogico instead is a logotype requested by a small shop of organic products; The Client's petition in the Briefing was for something simple, but that immediately makes understand to customers that Shop trade in products derived from farms that do not use chemical pesticides.

Peñagolosa is Redesign of a brand that I designed for taking part in a Design competition, required by a ski resort located in the community of Valencia. In this particular logo I wanted to play with one of the most famous Gestalt laws TheLaw of Prägnanz or "Figure-ground" trying to represent a mountain with space left within the pair of skis.
Peñagolosa - "brand Manual"

Va de Retro

Va de Retro

"Va de Retro"

Va de Retro

I have dedicated this section to this brand, because it is not project just for Academic or Commercial puposes,but both. To be honest, "Va de Retro" is a Design for a shop that sells Vintage and Nu'Retro Objects and Furniture, which I wanted to present at the same time as my Final Thesis at the Academy. Certainly has not been easy to meet a point between the customer demands and get a good grade, but I think the result speaks for itself.
"Brand Manual"

Logotypes Catalogue

Logotypes Catalogue

See the Catalogue

In October of 2011 I presented my first "Catalog of Logotypes Template", is a set of geometric shapes available in different versions, perfect to use as logos for various kinds of Brands like industrial or comercial.

The mode of sale are two "Royalty-free" "Unique-Purchasing", the first where anyone can buy the Vector file and use that as one prefers without been owner of the intellectual property, the second mode is a Purchase complete and exclusive, clearly this option is available only when the Logo has not already been sold in "Royalty-free".

If you are interested in one of these templates to use in your brand please CONTACT ME immediately by sending me an email with the reference number of the logo(You can find it in the bottom left corner when you open the Sample images).
If you want a "Custom. logo", please send me a brief description of what you need along with your data and the mode in which you want to be contacted, you will receive soon a quote.

Regarding Non-profit Organizations, Art Associations and Social Initiatives, the purchase of the logos are completely FREE, whereas for the customization of the brand remains free price depending on needs and the time required.